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You can study Allied Health while you are still at school

Interested in health but not sure where to start? We spoke to…

Name: Payton Bond

Current Job:  Doing a school-based traineeship working as an Operating Assistant at Gosford Hospital

Studied: Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance at TAFE NSW

First things first, what is allied health?

Allied health is term used to describe anyone in health that isn’t a doctor – so a speech pathologist, occupational therapist, a dentist, a nurse, etc….

What are some more examples?

There are heaps… you could be an audiologist, a chiropractor, a dietician, a social worker, a radiologist, a physiotherapist, a speech pathologist, a rehabilitation counsellor, an occupational therapist, an exercise physiologist. But whatever your speciality is, your job is to help people prevent and manage chronic conditions and recover from injury or illness.

Why did you choose the course?

I didn’t really like any of my subjects at school but I really liked the idea of studying health. I am actually still in school at the moment. I am doing this course as one of my HSC subjects.

I found the course online and asked my careers advisor to enrol me. I love it. I get to work so closely with patients – I am right there, next to the doctors and nurses helping them with anything they need.

What has been your favourite part about the course?

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I got to do some work experience with the midwifery section of the hospital. During one of the births a lady’s baby needed help during the pushing stage of labour and the obstetrician used forceps to deliver him. The birth had slowed down and the baby was becoming distressed. Seeing her mum’s face and happiness when she was holding her baby for the first time after the delivery was the most rewarding part of the course so far.

The teachers we have really try to help you get where you want to go. When I told them that I wanted to be a midwife they organised the placement in that section of the hospital specifically. They are happy to do that for anyone in the course.

You have to go to university to be a midwife, does your Certificate III in Allied Health help you get there?

I’ll finish school and get an ATAR. This course contributes to your school marks. It’s not like one or the other – your school can help you do both at the same time.

At the time I started this course I really hated school. My careers advisor told me not to even apply for the course because I’d fail anyway – but now that I do the course I love it. It’s really given me a goal that I want to achieve.

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