Year 12 hopeful realises that he’s run out of days for “I’ll start tomorrow” to be possible

“I hear that trials are harder than the HSC anyway. They are designed to scare us.”

The realisation that school goes back tomorrow has resulted in the realisation that Year 12 student Glenn Rubra has left his study plans too late.

“I really did believe myself when I said those words, tomorrow is the day I’ll start,” Rubra explains.

“Each morning was the same. I’d wake up and think, I need a hardy breakfast and then I’d eat my body weight in toast.

Then I’d watch one – 14 youtube videos.

“The real troubles would begin when I’d look for an assignment sheet – Where. Is. The. Assignment. Sheet.

“40 minutes later and the assignment sheet located. Criteria includes many ‘syllabus approved’ words. I don’t know what this means – so I’ll google it. And that’d take me back to Youtube… And then  I’ve been on Instagram for 30 minutes,” he explains.

In his defence, Rubra explains, “You can see that I was actually busy the whole time. I didn’t leave my room once.”

Studies have revealed that in the 3 weeks of holidays, and the 90 hours he spend in his room, Rubra spend 45 hours on Netflix, 45 hours on Facebook and Instagram and a brief time on Stan.

“I also bought a lot of study things. I bought highlighters, I bought paper – I arranged the paper and the highlighters – I did everything they tell you to do.

“I guess that’s why I am so disappointed.”

As final night of holidays rolls in we asked Rubra if he would consider studying tonight. “Not tonight,” he explains, “I need to deep-clean my bedroom before the term starts. You can’t start with a messy room – it’s bad for concentration.”

Year 12 hopeful realises that he’s run out of days for “I’ll start tomorrow” to be possible
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