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Working at Deloitte: What it’s like and how to get in

You don’t have to be involved in the business and accounting world to have heard about the Big Four. I wanted to find out what it’s really like working at one of these firms and how difficult it is to get in. I spoke to…


Name: Rachel Power

Studied: Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Economics at UTS

Career post graduation: Graduate Economist at Deloitte Access Economics



Economics: look beyond the numbers

Before I met Rachel, I thought economists spend their days hunched over a desk calculating costs of supply and demand. As it turns out, economics is actually a lot more than that.

“We take a problem that doesn’t seem like it has to do with finance at all – something like: what would be the benefit of having cleaner water in Sydney’s beaches? And we look to quantify the effects”, Rachel said.


What's the financial benefit of people enjoying the natural environment in which we live in Sydney? Would it increase the likelihood of people paying for rates?

In her job, Rachel helps figure out how we can provide big public services that benefit society and what the impacts are.

She told me that that’s really the point of economics – it’s about how society chooses to allocate their limited resources to meet their needs and wants.

Economic decisions impact our everyday lives,


I also asked Rachel whether landing a graduate role at Deloitte was competitive.



Something they say to us at Deloitte is that it's


Her ultimate advice for other business students was,

“Research! I knew a bit about the economics consulting side of things, so I did a bit of a search. Because they want you to do the research, it’s very clear. It’s all there,” she said.”


Learn more about the Bachelor of Business at UTS.

If this job sounds interesting, you can find out more about the course Rachel studied. You’ll also love Rachel explaining the financial news and uber in 60 seconds.

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