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Do you want to be a singer or producer?

Do you want to be a singer or producer?

Interested in music production? We spoke to…

Name: Frances Castley

Current Job: Vocalist – working to release her EP at the end of the year

Studied: Diploma of Music Industry (Electronic Music) at TAFE NSW

So firstly – is it necessary to study music if I want to be a vocalist?

In my opinion, yes.

What’s your opinion on TAFE versus a private college?

Well, I’ve done both and in my opinion I preferred TAFE NSW in terms of the content and its relevance. I did the private college course first and then enrolled in TAFE NSW after. I was doing a short course in Ableton Live they were offering and I loved it so I decided to enrol in the Diploma.  I think TAFE is more fun too.

There is a lot more collaboration and overlap between the students here. The teachers are great, one of ours just came back from a tour with Peking Duk actually. They’ve all worked in the industry – most of them still do work in the industry – and so they’re advice is really relevant. It’s a really small industry and it’s great to have teachers that can help you  get connected.

Also, private colleges are really expensive. You will walk out with more skills from TAFE and it works out a lot cheaper.

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TAFE also put me forward for the Nando’s Music Exchange program, which was cool.

So it’s a competition where young, emerging artists from the UK, Canada, South Africa and Australia are flown to London for a workshop.

I’d recommend the course to anyone – it’s a really great choice for anyone looking to get into producing, vocals, performing, managing – it’s really good for specialisation.

Any other advice? Heaps – but you’ll have to watch the full video.


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