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Inside a Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation at UTS

Ever wondered how businesses come up with new ideas? Or new ways of thinking about old ideas? I wanted to learn about creative intelligence and innovation, so I spoke to…


Name: Eliza Marks

Studied: Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation and a Bachelor of Communication at UTS

Career post graduation: Design to Innovate Consultant at Aurecon & co-founder of Stitch Hub


Tell us about Creative Intelligence and Innovation…


And why the double degree combination?

Innovation keeps business moving forward, creates new businesses and challenges our current ways of thinking. Eliza has her own start-up and she works as a design to innovate consultant.

“It’s essentially really complex problem solving. So, understanding all the key pieces of a big challenge in the world, who cares about it, who doesn’t care about it, who has the most influence on it; and then finding innovative and creative solutions to those problems,” Eliza said.

'It could be anything from global warming to renewable energy to '


Eliza has found an innovative way to solve another real world problem – making type 1 diabetic’s lives easier by providing them with personalised content and information.

What was created in a “passion project” subject at UTS is now a successful start-up called Stitch Hub.



“It’s basically designed to help people living with diabetes access everything that they needed to live their life better. So dealing with medical support but also their emotional, social and financial support.”

She told me she has found so much value in both jobs, but credits a lot of her growth to Stitch Hub.

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“It’s challenging, you’re constantly having to learn new skills that you didn’t think you would need. I’m terrible at maths but I suddenly had to learn to model the financial outcomes of a business.”

It's exciting, it's fast paced,


In her consulting job, Eliza works in Aurecon’s innovation department.

“I have two key roles, one is to teach all of our engineers how to innovate, so things like design thinking, which help them to understand the tools that they can use when they’re problem solving to try and do things differently. The second part of my job is helping engineers to do things differently.”



Learn more about the Bachelor of Communication (Public Communication) and Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation at UTS.

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