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We asked: What got you expelled?

We’re all about a good story here at The Footnotes.

We Asked: is a series, where we do exactly that. Ask a question, and get your answers…

So, what got you expelled (or suspended)? 

I thought my Japanese language teacher was hitting on me and felt her brush against me when she was helping me with work, so after class I stayed back and said I noticed what she did during class and asked if she wanted to take it further. She didn’t.

I glued roughly $9 worth of change throughout the school. On the arms of chairs, random floors, desks, and tables.

Apparently it costs a lot of money to replace those weird plastic tiles when you have to carve coins off of them. Whoops. Still, it was hilarious to sit in my Biology class and watch people try to pick up the change I had glued in the carpark.

This wasn’t actually me, but a guy in my year. One of our teachers had a really bad heart condition – pretty sure he was actually on a transplant list. Anyway, this guy in our year who hated him told us about his plan to put an adrenaline pill in his coffee. I told another teacher what he told us and he got expelled.

I’m not a dobber, and I still feel bad for doing it to this day. But, heavy plan.

I filled a room with deodorant and then lit it up and nearly burnt the entire main part of the school down.

“Possession, digestion, and distribution of over the counter medications”… It was bonjela.

I went to a high school that did Ag subjects so we had cattle and stuff on campus. I got expelled because I ran the electric fence into the cattle trough that they drink from – it wasn’t even high voltage – would have just given them a little zap – not killed them. Apparently that didn’t matter.

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Two friends and I got two days of in-school suspension for taping a sign that read “Honk if you like sex” onto a bus that was leaving for an excursion. Some parents called the school about it. It was a bus full of Year 2 kids.

I let a deer into the school. Just opened the door and it came in.

I got suspended for doing the truffle shuffle at a sports carnival and my “friends” we’re throwing money at me. They called it prostitution and stripping for money. 3 days in school suspension.


So whether you got expelled or not from your school, hopefully we can help give you a little positive direction…take our quiz.

Until next time when ‘We Ask’ you something else…

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