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Our friends at Charles Sturt University  introduced us to two of their Advertising graduates, Charlotte Berry and Grace Espinoza who told us what a career in media is really about.

A lot people can get confused about what people in ‘media’ actually do. Working in a media agency is different to someone who makes advertisements (like TV ads or magazine ads) – and it’s also different from someone who works in social media or marketing.

So, what is media?

Media agencies work for a client (think Optus, Lego or Coca Cola) to work out who they should target (so they buy their product) with advertising campaigns, and then how to reach those people in their day to day activity.

People who work in media agencies need to be good with strategy and numbers and problem solving. But they also need the ability to put a creative lens on a problem so that their clients (think Optus, Lego or Coca Cola) are spending their marketing money in the most effective ways.

How to get into media:

As Grace and Charlotte explained, if you really want to be in advertising, you should go to CSU. The Charles Sturt University Media and Advertising course is industry renown.

Want to hear from a CSU graduate who works in television? 

Or what about one in radio? 

Or, someone who lived on campus?

Interested in reading more about the course? Find more here

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