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Inside a career in Counter Terrorism

Inside a career in Counter Terrorism

Charles Sturt University  has a Postgraduate course called, the Graduate Certificate in Terrorism and Security Studies. You learn about the history of terrorism, the concept of radicalisation, terrorism in cyberspace and contemporary terrorism.

Nick explains, “We are probably one of the only universities in the world that has a course dedicated to terrorism. Other universities have courses that offer a few subjects, like international relations for example; but we specialise in counter terrorism.”

Who teaches the course?

“We have a mixture of people that have gone out and done the job, so to speak, there are people like me, then we have people in the military – people that have worked in intelligence agencies. The teachers are people that have worked in the industry, and are now wanting to teach.”

What is Nick’s experience?

Nick is currently Head of School at the Australian Graduate School of Policing & Security, Charles Sturt University. Before joining Charles Sturt University, Nick represented the UK Association of Chief Police Officers – Terrorism and Allied Matters Committee (ACPO-TAM) and all the UK police forces as the Counter

Terrorism and Extremism Liaison Officer (CTELO) at the British High Commission in Canberra. Nick covered Australasia and had a ‘watching brief’ on the Asia and the Pacific region.

Prior to this posting Nick was in charge of International Counter Terrorism in Special Branch at New Scotland Yard. He also had responsibility for the National Terrorist Financial Investigations Unit (NTFIU) and International Liaison.

Interested in reading more about the course? Find more here

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