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Study: Bachelor of Information Technology (with specialisations)

We spoke to someone who works in the world of coding and technology to help you understand what comes after the course.

Q: So, what do you do?

A: My official title at work is software engineer, and I work within a dating app company. Part of my job is writing code, but there are a lot of other aspects, like trying to design the code that you’re writing. I need to be creative and design the product from the ground up. You have to plan ahead on how you want to structure the code before you actually dive in and write it, or else you can just get into a huge mess. So to do that I will work with our product team, our graphic design team, our marketing team – we all sit together and work out what the consumer wants. Then I figure out how we are actually going to build it.

Q: What do you love about your job?

A: I think the thing I love the most about my job right now is being able to build things that people use every single day. People don’t even think about ‘who’ made an app they use, they just NEED it. I like being the person who planned and developed it.

It’s my job to evolve an app and to keep it relevant. Do users want more features? How can we keep this idea fresh? I love that as technical as my job is – it’s equally creative. It’s such a unique role.

Also, the earning potential is great in the technology and computer science industry. I started on a great salary and it continues to grow year on year.

Q: What’s your advice for people considering a career in tech?

 A: Google ‘software engineer’, ‘computer scientist’ and ‘technology product manager’ and get an understanding of the jobs in the market. Then start to look up YouTube videos that show you HOW apps, websites, games – anything – are made. You’ll get an idea fairly quickly if it’s for you.


Where to start? Study IT. Here’s a 360 tour of a computer lab at Charles Sturt Uni – take a spin around and see the interview with current Bachelor of Information Technology students: 

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