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Read how Alex Rahme made the courageous switch to William Blue College of Hospitality Management to follow her dream and is now working alongside Matt Moran, serving the Prime Minister, Navy Fleet and Royal Duchess of Cambridge. 

After graduating from high school and finishing a full time Performing Arts course, I found myself looking for something to fill my time. I chose to study International Studies at Macquarie University as it sounded interesting and I wanted to learn a language. Nothing else really appealed to me other than Nutrition, however, this course required an ATAR of at least 96 – something I did not achieve.

As soon as I commenced my studies, I felt completely lost. I quickly transferred degrees, thinking this would solve the issues I was facing, but my sole objective remained the same – push through it and obtain a degree. Unfortunately for me, there were no life-long goals attached to University. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with rest of my life.

With the support of my parents, I made the decision to defer and keep my options open. However, I knew in my heart that University wasn’t for me. I wasn’t able to express my creative ability which truly underwhelmed me. There were no opportunities for me to shine.

During Uni I was working part time in the kitchen at a local café. I was mentored by a qualified chef and in every shift my passion flourished. I fell in love with the energy of the kitchen and making people happy, providing them with beautiful food. This was incredibly fulfilling and a huge part of why I’m so passionate about having a career in hospitality.

I found out about William Blue through a friend, they said the college had a great reputation and would lead me to many different opportunities.

My passion has grown the more I have been exposed to the industry and the more opportunities I’ve attained. This includes acquiring a job at ARIA catering at the Opera House, which came about through William Blue’s industry connections.

I work in the kitchen as a casual cook. I love it because every shift I’m learning new things and I’m constantly challenged to stretch my ability. I’ve been privileged enough to serve the Prime Minister, the Navy Fleet, the Duchess of Cambridge and many other prestigious people and businesses. A moment I’ll never forget involves being chosen to work with Matt Moran and our Executive Chef. A few celebrity chefs had come together for an event at Dolton House which was a fulfilling experience for me.

The best thing about studying at William Blue is the relationship I have with all of my teachers. Classes are intimate and teachers really make an effort to connect with us on a more personal level.

My dream encompasses me opening my own business and combining two of my greatest passions – food & nutrition.

As part of my work placement for William Blue I have obtained the opportunity to work alongside a Michelin Star Chef in a luxury Hotel, located in Lake Como, Italy. Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni will be taking me onboard for 3 months, providing me with a great job opportunity and immense learning curve. I look forward to breaking all language barriers and improving my skills and knowledge as a chef.


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