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Illustration and Graphic Design with The Lust List

Sally Spratt (The Lust List) works with some of the biggest names and brands in fashion. 

Where did it all start?

I have been drawing and creating since I can remember…I grew up drawing everything, making all manner of things from bits and pieces, and in general always trying to design, style & make things visually exciting. It hasn’t changed too much over the years, however now I draw & design for a living, surrounding myself with inspiring and talented friends that become my every day inspiration.

I began my studies in Design Fundamentals at Enmore Design College & worked out where my passions lay. I then continued my education at the University of Technology, Sydney, graduating with a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication (Hons) in 2008. One of the most exciting & rewarding opportunities I had during my degree at UTS was to spend 6 months exchange at Central St Martins College of Art & Design in London.

Do you think the decline of ‘physical’ products such as print and magazines means that opportunities for ‘old school’ creatives like yourself are on the decline?

Yes & No. I think the shift to online allows young creatives to actually broaden their net. The acceleration in electronic content means growth, international exposure & more opportunity. The physical products may be on the decline but if you can offer both (digital & physical/original work) then this allows for growth in both departments.

Tell me how you got that all elusive ‘foot in the door’?

I credit social media for the launch & continual growth of my business. I think it is an incredible business tool and if used correctly, can generate rapid growth & results. This also allows you to keep your finger on the pulse with a single swipe or click.

But, my opportunity to work with Roxy was by pure chance! In 2013 I sent out a few Christmas cards hoping to expand my social media following and pick up a few more jobs. Then out of the blue I receive this call from Roxy (from Sweaty Betty PR & Ministry Of Talent) asking me to consider joining the MOT team. Since that day I have never worked so hard with such a supportive & encouraging team of people by my side. [Working with Roxy] was the best decision I have ever made!


A day in the life of a creative, tell me about the times that aren’t great?

It was tough in the beginning as I had next to no income and I was living week-to-week, surviving on frozen spinach & rice. There was even a time my parents asked me to dinner to help me out. I declined due to no petrol in my tank and not wanting to tell them I couldn’t pay for petrol to come over. My goal was to be where I am now and without these hurdles I don’t think I would have found my drive & focus. I wanted this career & my comfortable lifestyle (where I can pay for food and petrol) that I just had to figure it out.

Nothing worth having comes easily.

Have you ever told anyone NOT to pursue a creative career?

Never! it makes me so happy, I want people to have that same experience too. I think creatives recognise we’re not quite on the same pay packet as someone in finance or sales but it’s such a (creatively) fulfilling career we’re happy to meet in the middle.


In relation to your study and career choices, is there anything that you ‘wish you had of known’?

Not really, I have got to where I am now because of the path I chose. Despite probably taking the long way around, I have learnt very valuable lessons along the way. No regrets.

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