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The Graduate Tour: Fashion Design at TAFE NSW

Meet Mia, current student of Fashion Design at TAFE NSW.

This is what the course involves…

So, what did you study?

Mia: I did a Bachelor of Fashion Design majoring in menswear, textiles and couture at TAFE NSW. The course is 3 years.

Why did you pick design?

Mia: Well my grandma was a fashion designer so it’s kind of in my blood. I also did textiles and art during high school!

What’s the course like?

Mia: In first year you do your basics so pattern making, sewing, design, illustration and textiles. Second year is print and swimwear. In swimwear you work in a group of 6 which is hard because you all have different design aesthetics. Third year is the best year, I think, because you already know what designer you want to be – and you pretty much get to do everything yourself!

Do you need to know how to sew when you enrol?

Mia: No you don’t need to know! They run sewing machine pattern making courses before though.

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Why did you choose TAFE NSW?

Mia: Well, it’s number one, plus we have some really good students like Zimmerman and Hansel & Gretel. There’s so many up and comings as well. In third year, we also go to India and China for a buying trip to buy all our fabrics.

Tell me about fashion week!

Mia: We have an Innovators show at fashion week with TAFE NSW. So when you do your final runway, the best 5-6 students get picked for fashion week.

Watch Mia’s Fashion Week debut.

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