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We sat down with TFI in Surry Hills, Sydney and got a rundown on the private fashion college…

Can you please explain the application and acceptance process? 

The Fashion Institute accepts applications from anyone that is over the age of sixteen. As we are an independent boutique fashion college, we do restrict the amount of student’s we accept each term to ensure classes include a particular number of students. A part of the success of the college is from the condensed classes that allow student’s to embrace themselves with the class content and of course the industry teacher.

What kind of questions should applicants prepare to be asked during their interview?

Any potential student is interviewed by our friendly college Director upon request. The interview is informal and allows our Director to obtain a brief understanding of the candidates background and future desires within the fashion industry. Simple questions such as past experience, inspirations and passions are usually key targets within this interview.

What are the facilities like at TFI?

Our campus is nestled in the heart of Surry Hills, only a short walk from all public transport facilities.

We have one large classroom that hosts up to three classes a day (morning, afternoon and evening) and office space that facilities reception/admin as well as our Careers Division.

The campus also has a design studio, student lounge and kitchen area as well as media library that is constantly updated with Australia’s top publications.

Does TFI help to engage students in the practical aspects of the industry, helping them establish work experience and intern opportunities?

The Fashion Institute is well renowned for running one of the best careers divisions in the industry, ensuring that each and every student has the opportunity to be put forward for opportunities that suit their desires.

Prior to commencing, each student sits with our Careers Advisor who will run through brief details of the program as well as reviewing their most updated resume and providing honest feedback to ensure they will secure all opportunities put forward for.

All correspondence is between the Careers Advisor and company direct, which means the professionalism is constantly maintained. Due to our high reputation this of course means our student’s have a huge array of opportunities offered to them on a daily basis. Student’s have the power to juggle as many internships and experiences as they wish while having strong guidance from their Careers Advisor who is readily available every day of the week.

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 Tell us about your teachers- are they industry experts?

The college has managed to secure some very powerful industry leaders as teachers, who all have high respect for our student’s. We believe it is absolutely essential to have current experts in as teachers as they have the honesty and knowledge to really examine each and every class. Class content is explained thoroughly whilst the teacher can go into detail and relate to the material and discuss further with the intimate group of student’s.

 Finally, what differentiates your institution from others on the market?

The Fashion Institute is unlike any other fashion college in Australia (or the globe!), we are much more personal with every student and nurture their careers throughout the entire duration of their course. We are a college that is not based on numbers but instead based on a high ethic of involvement and determination within our students and the industry as a whole.

We have the contacts and relationships with all elements of the industry and provide constant networking opportunities  to allow students the opportunity to further their careers. Whether this be through workplace training, guest speakers, event exposure or attendance within top fashion event’s, our student’s have a powerful ability to network with ease (eg. regular guest speakers, event involvement, high graduate employment rate, accredited course, fee help, intern opportunities etc).


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