The Student Life

Week In The Life: Esmé Episode 2

Life after school, what happened at her formal and packing for England.

Week In The Life: Maddi Episode 2

Struggling to adjust to life after school, why she’s studying holistic healing and working on the farm.

Week In The Life: Isaac Episode 2

More school, acting scripts, work dramas and his music.

Week In The Life: Hayley Episode 1

Starting year 12, school life and basketball.

Week In The Life: Maddi Episode 1

Finishing her WACE exams and what she is studying next year.

Week In The Life: Isaac Episode 1

Class, school camp and learning to drive.

Week In The Life: Esmé Episode 1

Finishing the HSC and her plans for 2019 (we’ll be following her on her gap year)

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