the intern diaries

Intern Diaries: Media Intern, Day One

Things I am not good at, remembering Big Brother 2014 contestants

Intern Diaries: Clerkship, Getting one and not get others

Before I tell you about my clerkship, I should tell you about the rejections I got, too.

Intern Diaries: Book Editor, Day One

I got the internship after five emails, two cold calls and (embarrassingly) one writing submission to the publisher.

Intern Diaries: Radio Production Day One

It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally, I’ll get so shy that I can’t even sustain eye contact. My palms get so sweaty it’s as if I am a nervous foreign exchange student or something.

Intern Diaries: Day four at a fashion magazine

Nothing makes me feel more like an intern than when I meet up with the person who has briefed me with work and they have no clue what the hell I am talking about.

Intern Diaries: Day five at a fashion magazine

Written by: An anonymous 3rd year Bachelor of Communications student.  Where: Workings 1 – 2 days a…

Intern Diaries: Day one at a fashion magazine

Someone from the editorial team meets me at the lift. She reminds me a bit of Tracy Grimshaw.

Intern Diaries: Day two in a fashion magazine

My first awkward encounter worth noting today was my introduction to workplace birthdays.

Medical Centre Mondays: Tales of a MedSci student working the desk

Real talk: I didn’t get into medicine.