The Graduate Tour

What’s a Bachelor of Nursing at CSU like?

After a family member experienced a trauma, I realised the impact that a nurse has on someone’s life.

Where does an Exercise Science degree take you?

What do you study and where can it lead you.

Want to study Outdoor Recreation and Ecotourism?

A Bachelor of Applied Science speciality.

The Graduate Tour: Veterinary Science at Charles Sturt University

Interested in studying Vet Science? See the facilitates

The Graduate Tour: Inside a Bachelor of Equine Science at Charles Sturt University

CSU offers one of only two Bachelor of Equine Science degrees in Australia.

VIDEO: Inside Agriculture Business at CSU in Wagga Wagga

Take a tour of the CSU campus

The Graduate Tour: Tattoo Artist

Inside the world where spur of the moment decisions last a lifetime.

What is Medicinal Chemistry?

Simply put, it is designing drugs.

10 questions with a Biotechnologist

You could be developing antibiotics or…you could developing beer!

What is Environmental Biology?

Are you passionate about the environment? We’ve found the perfect course.

The Graduate Tour: Cosmetic Surgeon

The questions you’ve always wanted to ask a plastic surgeon.

The Graduate Tour: What is it?

It’s your job (in the search for the right job) to find that ONE article, interview, podcast, video that speaks to you. And until you do, we will keep uncovering the quirkiest, coolest, most interesting jobs we can.