The Graduate Tour

Q&A Tour of a Year 3 Classroom

The first “prac” you have in a classroom is the real beginning of you as…

Q&A on Studying Animation

How do get into the industry?

Inside Biomedical Engineering and Working at a Medical Device Company

I really liked working with people and learning about consumers, but I also really liked the human body.

From Civil Engineering to Entrepreneurship: Starting a Business at Uni

Are you considering engineering and/or starting your own business?

The Graduate Tour: Fashion Design at TAFE NSW

Meet Mia, current student of Fashion Design at TAFE NSW. This is what the course…

The Graduate Tour: Interior Design at TAFE NSW

So, what did you study? Emma: I studied a Bachelor of Interior Design at TAFE…

What is bioinformatics and biomedical engineering?

When you take a biological sample and you take out that DNA…there’s so much information in there.

Inside an environmental engineering office

Inside a career in environmental engineering… We spoke to: Post video questions that you might…

A day in the life of a chemical engineer

People keep saying, “engineering is everything around you,” but what does a chemical engineer actually do, in simple terms…

Aerospace engineering at UNSW: What is it?

What is the difference between aeronautical and astronautical engineering?

You can study Allied Health while you are still at school

Allied health is term used to describe anyone in health that isn’t a doctor, dentist or nurse.

What it’s like studying Commercial Cookery

You’re sold on being a chef, what should you expect in an apprenticeship?

Certificate III in Agriculture at TAFE NSW

You don’t need to have come from a farming background to do this course…

Fitting and Turning: “Why I picked it”

…You need to be able to tear things apart, remember how to assemble them, know how they work, find faults and repair them – that kind of thing.

Certificate III in Health Services Assistance: study it in Year 11 & 12

You do the course over two years, while you are in year 11 and 12.

Metal Fabrication vs. Welding

Metal fabrication and welding are two completely different

Inside automotive mechanics with TAFE NSW

Being an automotive mechanic is no longer about simply knowing your car parts and replacing what’s broken…

What you need to know about being a hairdresser

People also think it’s very glamorous from the start, which it isn’t…