Roundtable Discussion: The true value of ‘Medical Science’

“I think it’s fair to say that 90% of the students enrolled missed out on undergraduate medicine. “

Inside a combined Bachelor of Laws Bachelor of Medical Science at UTS
Inside law and medical science.. We spoke to:   Name: Louisa Dimarco Studied: Bachelor of Medical…
Roundtable Discussion: What can I do in STEM other than engineering?

A round table discussion with STEM experts including a blood collector, a food technician and a dietitian.

What is bioinformatics and biomedical engineering?

When you take a biological sample and you take out that DNA…there’s so much information in there.

On The Phone With: A Carbon Farmer

Fighting climate change one tonne of CO2 at a time.

Passionate about African conservation? Q&A with Conservation scientist

“It is a real privilege to spend my life doing something I believe in”

9 questions you’ve always wanted to ask a pharmacist

Will the morning after pill cause defects if I fall pregnant later in life?

Fighting marine contamination

70% of the rubbish on our beaches and in our waters is plastic

How to get a job as a spy

Before we tell you how to get a job in intelligence, let’s make sure you even want one

What is Medicinal Chemistry?

Simply put, it is designing drugs.

10 questions with a Biotechnologist

You could be developing antibiotics or…you could developing beer!

What is Environmental Biology?

Are you passionate about the environment? We’ve found the perfect course.

Love reptiles and amphibians? Advice from Taronga Zoo’s Herpetoligist

We teach people to know that the only good snake ISN’T a dead snake.

Inside biotech and material science, a tour of Cochlear HQ

“Losing your hearing which can happen suddenly (via a virus) or over time” – and this is the technology that brings it back again

Become an Oceanographer (or at least, learn what it is)

Oceanographers unravel the mysteries and unknowns of ocean science.

The truth about Marine Biology

The truth is, many don’t really know what it takes to get into and to stay in this field.

Q&A with Marine Biologist Brinkley Davis

You have to be willing to put in time of your own, and learn to reap rewards that aren’t always monetary.

FAQ about Marine Biology: Including what to study & when to start

Here are some frequently asked questions about a  career in Marine Biology as answered by…