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On The Phone With A Neurosurgeon

Compassion isn’t about sitting next to someone and crying, it’s about understanding their problem.

On The Phone With: A Musician

Is getting a spot on The Voice the way to get discovered?

On The Phone With: The Sydney Roosters Sales and Partnership Executive

Can you move from playing the game to being in the business side of it?

On The Phone With: A Magazine Art Director

It’s about working out how the pages look – pulling on graphic design photography and layout.

On The Phone With A Human Resources Advisor

It’s much more than managing complaints and mediation.

On The Phone With: A Primary School Teacher

They’re not adults, but they kind of are little adults – you can see who they are becoming.

On The Phone With: A Meat Trader

I had no idea this job existed when I was at school.

On The Phone With: An Economics Student from USYD

And the move from from Law/Ecos to straight Ecos.

On The Phone With: A Young Politician

And no, it’s not exactly House of Cards.

On The Phone With: A Fourth Year Physio Student from ACU

Note: sports physio is not where the money is.

On The Phone With: A Lawyer on the Pros and Cons of a Law Degree

Should you do law undergrad? Should you combine it? Can you handle the pressure?

On The Phone With: A Lawyer in a Family Law Firm

It’s a court where they say there are no winners.

On The Phone With: Someone who works in IT and Business

Why you shouldn’t be a software developer.

On The Phone With: A Fashion Industry Recruiter

A word of advice from one of the gatekeepers to the industry.

On The Phone With: Osher Günsberg

How do you make yourself ‘stick’ in the entertainment industry?

On The Phone With: A Carbon Farmer

Fighting climate change one tonne of CO2 at a time.