Cash Chronicles: 28 years old, Carpenter, Sydney

Finish work at 3:30pm and head to the pub with some mates…plan on just having a couple turns into $550

Cash Chronicles: 23 years old, “french fries and a bed of lies”

I thought this would be fun, but I feel like a bad person.

Cash Chronicles: 24 years old, spent $321 on a date & furious

Note: When you meet a guy that is using only 1 of the 8 buttons on his shirt. Chances are, he is bad news.

Cash Chronicles: 22 years old, actively dating and living in a share house

“Today is ‘date day’ 1, of the 2 I have this week. I am running late, about to order an UBER when I see a cab. More expensive… but what can you do: $27”

Cash Chronicles: 23 years old, battling between staying at “his house” & “mine”

What I have learnt is that during any prolonged hook-up there is a passive aggressive battle for housing dominance.

Cash Chronicles: 24 years old, Sydney, “I spent $310 on lunch”

Feels: OMG… $$**234qer!!!

Cash Chronicles: 23 year old finance graduate, 58k salary, Sydney

This makes me so sad. And no, I’m not talking about the ‘Deliveroo waiting time is 45 minutes and I am struggling with the most anxiety filled hangover ever’ sadness. I am talking about real sadness.

Cash Chronicles: 24 year old, 68k salary, Sydney

The $$$ tally of a (bad) date, a (regrettable) new hobby and too much food.

Cash Chronicles: 27 year old, 120k salary, Foodie

“Wednesday night: I caught up with a friend, over 3 bottles of wine”

Cash Chronicles: 18 year old, Schoolies Week, Gold Coast

Welcome to The Footnotes Cash Chronicles. The aim is to encourage people to start talking…

Cash Chronicles: 24 year old, Actively dating, News Producer

What I spent in the week I was looking for love

Cash Chronicles: 25 year old, Lawyer, Mid Silly Season

“When it comes to money, I am not exactly the most thrifty of individuals”

Cash Chronicles: 25 year old, Digital project manager, $80,000 P.A

Honestly, seeing this makes me want to “neck myself”

Cash Chronicles: 21 year old, Uni student, Magazine intern, Waitress

I don’t get paid for 85% of the hours I work

Cash Chronicles: 24 year old, Accounting Analyst, Sydney

Single life = the expensive life

Cash Chronicles: 20 year old, University Student and Bartender, Sydney

Mood: “I don’t feel TOO bad… there were only two major blow-outs”

Cash Chronicles: 23 year old, Graphic Designer, Sydney

Mood: “I literally feel like crying.”