Nursing: “What you can’t prepare for”

There’s things they don’t tell you, that could change everything.

Roundtable Discussion: The true value of ‘Medical Science’

“I think it’s fair to say that 90% of the students enrolled missed out on undergraduate medicine. “

Uncut: The things you can’t unsee as an ICU nurse

If you’re a nurse then cleaning s***, removing drains from peoples brains or thinking on your feet in a critical situation all become ‘normal.’

Mapping UMAT: The 2 reasons people fail

The UMAT’s only difficult for two reasons…

Dietician vs. Nutritionist

Rule one: Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist in Australia.

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Medical interns are the bottom of the food chain but it does get better.

Why I quit nursing

The wrong placement, in the wrong hospital, in the wrong industry: Why I quit

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Wait, so what exactly are the differences between a nutritionist and a dietitian?

Do you need to study nutrition?

Social media is impacting your health, whether you ‘like’ it or not.

Becoming a research nurse

Help develop modern medicine

Midwifery: The what and the how

As a Midwife, I like most when I know I have become a part of a woman’s life and story

What does an audiologist do?

“Hearing is what keeps us in the intellectual company of man” – Helen Keller

Speech pathology with Rebecca Judd

Inspiring model, TV presenter and speech pathologist- Rebecca Judd on her choices.