Q&A on Studying Animation

How do get into the industry?

Climbing the ladder: Career Advice from Camilla’s Digital Marketing Manager

Most interns and grads we had at CAMILLA were already socially active and digitally savvy, so my advice is to understand how these mediums can be translated for commercial use, using these technologies to develop and grow a brand.

UX/UI design is one of the most popular jobs these days, but what is it?

Seven ways to go from amateur to less-amateur without design school.

Inside a Bachelor of Design in Landscape Architecture

The project was about how to create a sense of place for the new people moving in there, it was a very diverse public with different cultures.

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Meet Mia, current student of Fashion Design at TAFE NSW. This is what the course…

The Graduate Tour: Interior Design at TAFE NSW

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It’s about working out how the pages look – pulling on graphic design photography and layout.

750 Dual Degree options for you to consider

Helping you match two degrees that might not otherwise work together

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From Interior Design to Colour and Materials Design at Ford Australia

Question: I want to be in fashion, but not in a design role. What are my options?

“I have a business brain, but I was really interested in fashion. I just didn’t know that it was possible to marry the two”

Costume Design, Theatre and Events

I design and make costumes for a living.

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The Graduate Tour: Tattoo Artist

Inside the world where spur of the moment decisions last a lifetime.