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Studying Theatre Media at Charles Sturt Uni

Studying Theatre Media at Charles Sturt Uni

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Q: Why did you pick the course?

A: A girl in the year above me at high school had enrolled in the course and spoke about it so highly. I had never heard of the course before, so I feel really lucky that I reached out and asked for her advice – otherwise I’d never be here!

Q: Tell us about theatre media, what do you learn?

A: You learn all elements of theatre. Every year our class becomes like a mini theatre company and each student nominates what role they want… you could pick to do set and prop building, costume design, performance, lighting, producer – director, any path you want. From that point we work on putting together a show. We script it, workshop it, build the set, sell the tickets and then perform the shows.

Q: What are the kinds of subjects that you learn?

A: You do a lot of performance based subjects – like devised performance and contemporary performance; circus and physical theatre. You also learn about the production side – so you’ll do script writing, lighting, stage – and then you also learn the event management side. So, how does a play gain traction and attention?

Q: What do you want to do with the degree? 

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A: I want to go into costume design. So that’s the role I’ve taken in my class production this semester. At the moment I am using my class assessments to build my portfolio of work so that I can show my designs to theatre companies and apply for an internship.

Q: What does a costume designer do?

A: There is a lot of research to start with. You read the script, meet the cast – sit on in rehearsals and get an insight to the characters. Then you have to translate that into a creative vision – the design element. It’s really important to have a knowledge of fabric, construction and build in the construction process.

We have a HUGE costume room here – there are literally thousands of costumes in here. Sometimes I will use costumes we have on campus, other times I’ll build from scratch.

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