Inside pyramid schemes: How are people are still falling victim?

Amway is cultish, sells its subpar products at inflated prices, has hidden costs and inflates expected income for distributors. Scam? Technically no but really yes.

Where the hell is my career? Shouldn’t I be ahead by now?

“I’ve never been really good at anything. I’ve just been a hard worker.”

Week In The Life: Esmé Episode 2

Life after school, what happened at her formal and packing for England.

Week In The Life: Maddi Episode 2

Struggling to adjust to life after school, why she’s studying holistic healing and working on the farm.

Week In The Life: Isaac Episode 2

More school, acting scripts, work dramas and his music.

Week In The Life: Hayley Episode 1

Starting year 12, school life and basketball.

Week In The Life: Maddi Episode 1

Finishing her WACE exams and what she is studying next year.

Week In The Life: Isaac Episode 1

Class, school camp and learning to drive.

Week In The Life: Esmé Episode 1

Finishing the HSC and her plans for 2019 (we’ll be following her on her gap year)

Please Find The Exit: What to NEVER say to a recruiter

Trust me, I would rather have put a gun in my mouth than hear you talk about your professional struggles.

NEW SERIES: Clare’s Diary, Age: 18, Location: Struggle Street

This series is aimed to make sure that you know it’s 100% okay if… Life…

Clare’s Diary. Problem: I have no purpose?

The last time I went to church I was six years old and I told the priest at that I wouldn’t be getting Confirmed because I “just didn’t buy it”. Bold move.

Please Find the Exit: Freya, 25, Maybe the strangest interview ever.

…She explains that the guy at the table opposite to us dumped her like, three years ago and goes on to tell me…

Please Find the Exit: Tom, 24, What not to text your recruiter

What not to do, after you receive a ‘sorry’ email is to text me this…

Please Find the Exit: Tyler, 25, Financial Planning hopeful

Rule: Don’t answer a call from me if you are obviously in the toilet.

Please Find The Exit: Chris, 24, banking hopeful

If you looked “don’t stress’” up in the recruiter dictionary it means: Don’t wear a three-piece suit and turn up in a tsunami like state of sweat.

We asked: What got you expelled?

We ask. You tell.

You’ve Got Mail: Let’s chat Cash Chronicles

Sam (Editor) and Sarah (Digital Creative) share their email chain about Cash Chronicles