What’s a credit point (the more you know right…)

Need a simplified explanation to the credit point system?

What is a credit point?

When I started at University I had no idea what a ‘credit point’ is nor how many of these I would need to get these and how many I needed. So here is the simplified version:

  1. Every degree requires you complete a certain amount of credit points over your period of study. Just like in the HSC / VCE (or your State equivalent) where you are required to complete ten units to receive a final mark, at university you are required to complete a certain amount of credit points to get your degree. Mine requirement was 144 credit points across a minimum of three years full time. Each subject you select is worth a number of points (usually 6) and these accumulate over your study.
  2. There is no need to look at the credit point requirement when picking your courses, as unless they are below 6 points, you will complete your degree in time no matter which course.
  3. You will receive all 6 points for a subject no matter if you receive a pass, credit or distinction.  A Pass is a Pass! Having that in mind, your credit point total and grade average are two very different indicators! One is just a requirement for graduation, while your average will help you in your search of post graduate positions. A higher grade average is extremely valuable in the application process.
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