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I bet we can guess your ATAR with this quiz

Are you the epitome of an ATAR underachiever or, a proud member of the ‘My parents will kill me if I get anything less than 90’ crowd?

What your result says about you:


The epitome of an ATAR underachiever, you’re 100 per cent not fussed about school (or at least that’s what you’ll tell people when they ask after your score). You face-palmed your way through the sludge that is syllabus-led education and your eyes are permanently stuck in a squint from giving educators the evil side-eye. You’ve become known for sleeping in, using your textbook as a pillow and asking, “Can I borrow a pen?” (of which you CBF’d returning). You’re just here for easy access to the canteen’s Pizza Roundas.


You’re an unabashed expert at texting under the desk – emoji’s included – and while you have the potential to do great things, you heard about this cool, older guy whose dad has a boat and your priorities lie with the sea. You can never remember your student login information, have a not-so-secret desire to be Instagram-famous and like to get drunk at parties and tell the story of how you were spotted at the shops by a model scout (but mum wouldn’t let you sign). When people ask about your score, you tell them you’ve got your eggs in other baskets.


You got a good thwack! of the smart stick but believe in balance (okay, it’s more like a 60/40 split). You therefore left a lot of Year 12 up to ol’ mate chance by vegging out with artificial cheese and (equally artificial) reality TV. You were voted ‘Most Likely to use a YouTube Clip as a Related Text’ in English and almost gave yourself a heart attack trying to cram a years’ worth of study into three nights. Your major works for drama and art are a bitch in scaling (Truth: a select few truly understand how this works) but as you say, “She’ll be right”. And she will, right after this episode.


You’re a smarty-pants with a good understanding of the words ‘healthy’ and ‘balance’. Like salad with pizza, you know when to lose yourself to Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat and when to put your phone in a fire-proof, code-protected safe to avoid distraction. And you’re no stranger to the occasional party pash at a house party after a few too many Cruisers, you’ve got to have some life after all.


Congrats! You’re the ‘My parents will kill me if I get anything less than 90’ crowd, also known as Library Lingerers/Those Annoying Ones Who Say They Don’t Study Then Get 80%.

Not only do you have a colour-coded assessment calendar but you’ve decked it out with co-ordinating stickers, post-its and just about anything else that can be used to annotate (mum’s stopped buying fruit after you pilfered the labels).

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You’ve experimented with sense memory (if you don’t have the same butter chicken with rice before exams you’re going to fail) and have become best known for your “I can’t hang out, I have to study!” battle cry. You’ll falter a touch at uni, where the idiom, ‘P’s get degrees’ will cause you to have a thrice daily existential crisis but an unhealthy addiction to caffeine will set you right.

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