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Q&A Tour of a Year 3 Classroom

Q&A Tour of a Year 3 Classroom

The first “prac” you have in a classroom is the real beginning of you as a teacher; it’s when you start to get a real sense of the work you will do as you work with children and other teachers. We visited a primary school in Sydney to hear about the process of studying to become a teacher, getting your practical experience and the process of landing a job. We spoke to…

Name: Josephine Capel

Studied: Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Education at The University of Technology, Sydney

Career post graduation: Primary Teacher (Year 3)

We met up with Josephine as she was organising her day, “We’ve got reading groups and information text, maths, drama, and handwriting this afternoon.”

Tell us about the course?

The course was four years. There were two semesters per year, and

“A prac is a practicum, when you go into different classrooms at different schools and you learn pretty much how to be a teacher. You watch teachers teach and you gain that knowledge and experience.”

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“UTS has a really good course because of all the pracs. A lot of other universities don’t have that. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and I found that really helpful, being able to do a prac in my first semester.”

The course was four years. There were two semesters per year, and

It’s definitely not a nine to three job. There is so much more, marking and paperwork along the side. You also have to partake in a lot of meetings and do a lot of work at home, including reports twice a year, preparing for parent-teacher interviews, and just also programming takes a lot of time.

Watch the full video to hear more about the application process, her job and how she made her decision to become a teacher.

Learn more about a Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Education at the University of Technology, Sydney.

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