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Please Find the Exit: Freya, 25, Maybe the strangest interview ever.


I am in finance and accounting recruitment: I try to find people employment in exchange for a tidy commission.

Ah, the thrill of the hunt. Will I ever tire of it? The endless parade of job hopefuls, each more “ambitious” than the last, marching by one after the other hoping that I’ll put them forward for a six figure salary.

This series is a short collection of things that make me sad in my job.


Name: Freya

Job she is applying for: Partnership Executive

Qualification: Bachelor of Business, International Business major.

I can tell she loves: ProfessioNail.

I can tell she dislikes: Loose clothes.


Our story:

I am meeting her in the lobby of my building for a coffee. The ground floor of my office has a big coffee shop with lots of meeting couches. Freya arrives and seems extremely distracted, I ask if she is ok.

She explains that the guy at the table opposite to us dumped her like, three years ago and goes on to tell me,

“Okay, so he didn’t technically dump me; we’d only been out twice. He just happened to mention on our second date at this restaurant that he wasn’t looking for anything serious and that he didn’t think we should see each other anymore.”

I like her. She is cool and funny and not ashamed of being dumped. But back to the questions. I open my laptop ready to chat when she starts loud-whispering…

“The first date was so good, too. The conversation flowed easily and he told me that he thought I was pretty. We held hands when we were leaving, we kissed while we were waiting for a cab. It couldn’t have gone better.

“I don’t think I should have let him stay over. Do you think that would have been why? Maybe we would’ve had a better shot at dating if I’d held out a bit longer?”

I am thinking. This has to be a joke or a prank. Before I answer she says to me,

“What companies work in this building? Have you seen him before?”

I say, “I can’t actually see his face, sorry.” And she goes, “Neither – but I can tell just by the back of his head.”

My face is obviously dumfounded, when she says ultra calmly…”I have a great attention to detail.”

Sadly, Freya didn’t get a call back.

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