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Please Find The Exit: Chris, 24, banking hopeful


I am in finance and accounting recruitment: I try to find people employment in exchange for a tidy commission.

Ah, the thrill of the hunt. Will I ever tire of it? … The endless parade of job hopefuls, each more “ambitious” than the last, marching by one after the other hoping that I’ll put them forward for a six figure salary.

This series is a short collection of things that make me sad in my job.

Name: Chris

Job he is applying for: Client Services Officer

Qualification: Bachelor of Business, International Business major & 14 months experience at a superannuation fund as a relationship Coordinator.

I can tell he loves: Old school bands.

I can tell he dislikes: Ironing.

Before I put someone forward for a job I like to meet them. Before the catch up I’ll call them, have a chat, make sure that they can string a sentence together and that they are aware the content on their resume. If this goes well, we move onto a coffee. I usually say, “it’s casual, don’t stress – I just want to meet you in person and chat through your resume and a few jobs I have.”

If you looked “don’t stress’” up in the recruiter dictionary it means: Don’t wear a three-piece suit and turn up in a tsunami like state of sweat. This is going to be chill.

But my most recent candidate didn’t just stress less, he literally didn’t give a FF.

What did he wear, do you ask? A t shirt and ripped jeans.

And what shirt was it, do you ask? It was a retro band tee that said “Shoot The Kids at School” on it.

Sadly, Chris didn’t get a call back.

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