On The Phone With: The Sydney Roosters Sales and Partnership Executive

A professional sports team is far more than the players. We spoke to Joe who is the Sales and Partnerships Executive for the Sydney Roosters NRL team.

What you’ll hear:

  • 0:21 What his job involves
  • 1:03 What does sponsorship for a professional sports team mean
  • 1:44 What he likes about his job
  • 2:40 Does he work closely with the players
  • 3:03 How he got into it
  • 3:55 What internships he did
  • 4:28 What he studied
  • 5:06 What he learnt in the course
  • 6:02 Getting your foot in the door
  • 6:46 Advice for someone wanting to get into this
  • 7:13 What the roles are within the business of a professional sports team
  • 8:31 How can you move from playing the sport to being in the business side of it
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