On The Phone With: DJ Tigerlily

We called DJ Tigerlily, AKA Dara Hayes. 

This is what we spoke about:

  • 0:21 What she studied (hint: it wasn’t music) and how she learnt to DJ 
  • 2:36 Would she recommend Your Shot for others
  • 3:20 The difference between a DJ and a music producer
  • 4:30 How she became a signed artist and why you shouldn’t rush it
  • 5:36 The role of a manager and how to find the right one
  • 7:04 The difference between a manager and an agent
  • 7:41 Is a personal brand important
  • 9:16 Challenges of touring internationally
  • 10:01 Career highlights and how she joined Tiesto’s tour
  • 10:46 Hardest parts of her career and the industry
  • 11:44 How to get started DJing
  • 13:05 Things she wish she knew or would have done differently (her missing footnotes)

Like music but can’t produce anything good to save yourself? Maybe you should organise music festivals instead? 

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