On The Phone With: An Agricultural Journalist

What’s involved in being a journalist today? We spoke to Sam, an agricultural journalist who has worked for big media brand Fairfax as well as independent publishers.

What you’ll hear:

  • 0:11 Sam’s job as an agricultural journalist
  • 0:24 How Sam got into this role
  • 1:10 What a journalist does day to day
  • 1:41 Biggest differences between print journalism and other types of journalism
  • 2:42 Choosing your projects or being assigned them depends on your level
  • 3:12 How long do you have to produce a story?
  • 4:05 Working for a big media company vs. independent companies
  • 4:54 Are work experience and internships an expectation?
  • 5:53 Journalists need to be versatile and have many skills
  • 6:36 Sam’s shift from fashion to agricultural journalism
  • 7:10 Working in a city vs. the country
  • 8:05 Opportunities in media now with the changing landscape
  • 9:04 Sam’s degree (Bachelor of Creative Industries) and what she learned
  • 9:59 Getting internships is part of the degree
  • 10:41 What Sam wished she knew starting out
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