On The Phone With: Someone who did an ADF Gap Year With The Army

Listen to our chat with a girl who did a gap year in the Army with the Australian Defence Force, and who chose NOT to stay on. 

What you’ll hear: 

  • 0:40 Why she did it
  • 1:30 The process getting in
  • 2:43 What do you actually do during the gap year
  • 6:45 Why she decided not to stay on past the gap year
  • 9:23 Does everyone who joins the Army have to go to combat
  • 9:52 What kind of person should do this
  • 10:22 Different areas you can go into within the Army
  • 10:38 Has the ADF Gap Year helped you get to where you are today

Keen to explore a gap year with the ADF? Read what a gap year with the ADF is all about. 

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