On The Phone With: A Young Politician

We spoke to Liam Rankine, who is currently studying a Bachelor of Economics at USYD and working for the Australian Labor Party on how he got started in his political career and his advice to you. 

What you’ll hear: 

  • 0:23 How can you get started in politics
  • 3:56 What is ‘campaigning’
  • 4:50 What is the usual ladder of progression in politics
  • 5:35 Is there a difference to getting into local, state or federal government
  • 6:12 What he studies and why
  • 7:16 Should you study politics if you want a political career
  • 8:01 What he does as a Field Director for the Australian Labor Party

Like this? Find out more about Liam’s studies of a Bachelor of Economics or on the pathway into politics with a Round Table Discussion.

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