On The Phone With: Someone who works in IT and Business

If you’re interested in technology, being a software developer isn’t the only pathway. Meet Geoff, who is a Business Analyst for a huge healthcare company on his advice for combining tech and business. 

What you’ll hear: 

  • 0:19 What he does as a business analyst in IT
  • 0:51 Do you need to be good at tech
  • 1:13 What you need to be successful in this industry and not have your role outsourced
  • 1:56 Where this job could take you
  • 2:47 How you can get into it – study and work experience advice
  • 4:30 What he loves about what he does
  • 5:10 What he wish he had known – his missing footnotes

Keen to get started in the industry – find a course or some work experience.

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