On The Phone With: A Publicist

PR stands for Public Relations, but what does that even mean? We spoke to Jackie who is a Publicist.

What you’ll hear:

  • 0:13 Jackie’s role: account executive at global PR agency
  • 0:33 Difference between large and boutique PR agency
  • 1:11 What is PR?
  • 1:56 PR: creative or analytical
  • 2:44 What an account executive does day to day
  • 4:05 Working with influencers
  • 5:07 In-house vs. for an agency
  • 6:00 Focusing on one specific client (in-house) vs. many clients (agency)
  • 6:51 How Jackie got into PR
  • 7:28 Internships are the best way to get a job in PR
  • 8:08 Is there a type of person who is better suited to PR?
  • 8:40 The ‘cool, glamorous’ PR image and whether this stereotype is true
  • 10:28 The best part of the job: growth & good challenges
  • 11:10 The worst part of the job: time expectations
  • 11:56 Working hours throughout the company
  • 12:33 Salary: the money in PR is not great
  • 12:38 Advice and what she wishes she knew in the beginning
  • 13:29 Difference between marketing and PR
  • 14:04 Where Jackie sees herself heading
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