On The Phone With: A Primary School Teacher

We chatted to Tilly, a primary school teacher at a government primary school in Sydney.

What you’ll hear:

  • 0:10 Where she works
  • 0:35 Why she chose primary over secondary teaching and her favourite years to teach
  • 2:30 What she likes about her work
  • 2:51 Where she sees her career going – independent vs public sector
  • 3:38 What she studied
  • 4:11 What the course was like
  • 5:18 What is accreditation and ongoing professional development as a teacher
  • 6:33 Getting into government vs. independent vs. Catholic schools
  • 6:50 Is there any truth to it being a 9am-3pm job
  • 7:20 What else is involved in being a teacher
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