On The Phone With A Neurosurgeon

We spoke to Neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Wong, a Melbourne doctor.

What you’ll hear:

  • 0:14 What a neurosurgeon does
  • 0:35 What a spinal surgeon does
  • 1:11 What diseases/issues people normally come in with
  • 2:06 What Dr Wong’s practice is focused on – chronic disease
  • 2:32 Does a neurosurgeon focus on the entire patient journey or just a small part of it?
  • 3:44 How Dr Wong got into the field
  • 4:50 The kinds of people a neurosurgeon may work with
  • 5:34 Compassion is important in this medical profession
  • 7:03 Clinic and hospitals
  • 7:18 Day to day life of a neurosurgeon
  • 7:50 How many hours is Dr Wong working
  • 8:10 Advice for high school students wanting to be neurosurgeons
  • 9:05 What the biggest challenge is
  • 9:53 What the biggest reward is
  • 10:22 Spinal injury vs. chronic pain
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