On The Phone With: A Musician

We spoke to musician, Ethan Conway. 

What you’ll hear:

  • 0:15 How Ethan chose music as a career
  • 0:35 Studying music after high school
  • 1:10 The audition process for music schools
  • 1:49 The things you might learn in a Bachelor of Contemporary Music Performance
  • 2:47 How someone should choose a music course
  • 3:40 Should a musician study?
  • 4:58 Pros and cons of learning at home e.g. on YouTube
  • 6:13 How musicians can make money
  • 7:14 Booking agencies
  • 8:39 What Ethan’s goals are with music
  • 9:29 How someone can motivate themselves with creative processes like songwriting
  • 10:51 Record deals
  • 12:13 The Voice and talent tv shows
  • 13:03 Advice and what he would have done differently
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