On The Phone With: A Meat Trader

It’s a commodities trading job, but that’s where our knowledge stopped, so we spoke to Tim to find out more. 

What you’ll hear: 

  • 0:16 What does a commodities trader (specialising in meat) do
  • 2:16 How he got into it
  • 3:42 What he likes about the job
  • 4:12 What he studied
  • 5:08 Working overseas
  • 6:02 Skills you need
  • 6:48 How you can start getting into it
  • 7:48 What companies can you work at
  • 8:31 Where to look for industry news
  • 9:09 What he would have done differently
  • 9:20 What she wish she had of known starting out and where the industry is going

Want to hear about what goes on in grain trading?

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