On The Phone With: A Lawyer on the Pros and Cons of a Law Degree

Not every law degree is the same, and there are a lot of different ways to do it – where will you do your clerkship, will you do it full time, undergrad, post grad, as a combined double degree…..? Hear from Georgia who studied a combined undergrad degree of Law/Creative Industries and what she would have done differently.

What you’ll hear:

  • 0:16 How competitive is the legal industry
  • 1:15 What is PLT (Practical Law Training), where do you do it and should you get paid
  • 2:54 What is a clerkship
  • 4:40 What happens if you don’t get a clerkship or a grad position – and how do you stand out for one
  • 5:48 Should you study law if you don’t want to be a lawyer – should you do a dual degree?
  • 7:25 What should you do if you’re not 100%
  • 7:45 The pros of doing law as a postgraduate degree
  • 8:55 What she likes about law
  • 9:41 What she dislikes about law
  • 10:30 Law firms versus being in-house
  • 11:32 What she would have done differently

Hear about Georgia’s work in family law. 

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