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On The Phone With A Human Resources Advisor

What does someone in Human Resources (HR) actually do?

What you’ll hear: 

  • 0:17 What the difference is between: people & culture business partner, HR advisor and HR manager
  • 1:08 The lifecycle of an employee
  • 2:30 Being proactive vs. reactive
  • 3:10 Other aspects of the role such as handling complaints and mediation
  • 3:40 Examples of issues Emma deals with
  • 4:30 Emma’s degrees and whether studying psychology helped
  • 5:04 How Emma came into HR
  • 5:42 The pros and cons of working in HR
  • 6:06 Advice for people who want to start in HR
  • 7:01 What Emma has learned over her career
  • 7:43 Transferrable skills and working in other industries such as fashion and science

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