On The Phone With: A Homicide Detective

So just how do you become a homicide detective? Listen to our anonymous chat with an ex-homicide detective. 

What you’ll hear: 

  • 0:27 His career overview
  • 0:50 How a homicide gets dealt with
  • 2:33 How you work with the forensics team
  • 3:12 What a Homicide Detective does during an investigation
  • 3:48 What it’s like interviewing suspects
  • 6:48 How do you deal when a judge doesn’t deliver the sentence you were hoping for
  • 7:58 How have drugs changed the criminal landscape
  • 8:25 What’s the process in becoming a police officer and choosing your specialisation
  • 9:42 Advice for those interested in forensics
  • 10:41 Misconceptions of being a detective
  • 11:08 How long it takes to become a detective from when you join
  • 11:30 What he loved about being a detective and in the police force
  • 12:35 Advice for anyone wanting to be in the police force

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