On The Phone With: A Fourth Year Physio Student from ACU

A lot of people associate being a physio with landing a job with their favourite sports team and working with elite athletes – that’s not always the case. Hear more about the opportunities and what a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at ACU is like from Amy, who works at Potts Point Physio while she’s studying. 

What you’ll hear: 

  • 0:23  What Bachelor of Physiotherapy at ACU is like
  • 1:16 How industry placements work
  • 1:56 What is neurophysiotherapy
  • 2:30 What are the other branches of physio (to be cont.)
  • 3:00 How do you get into sports physio
  • 3:24 (cont.) What are the other branches of physio
  • 4:47 Why she chose to study at ACU
  • 5:23 Do you get practical experience during the tutorials – outside of industry placements
  • 6:02 Her plans for when she graduates
  • 6:42 What are the most competitive and opportunistic areas of physio
  • 7:10 How to get into working at a hospital as a grad
  • 7:32 Can you work overseas with this degree
  • 8:27 Are there any prerequisites or subjects you should study in high school
  • 9:20 What she wish she had of known starting out

Keen to get started in the industry – find a course or some work experience.

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