On The Phone With: A Fashion Industry Recruiter

Ahh farshun. A word of advice from one of the gatekeepers to the industry – a recruiter who places fashion hopefuls in internships and job placements.

What you’ll hear: 

  • 0:28 What the different options are in the industry
  • 0:57 What are the most competitive, popular and opportunistic areas
  • 2:03 How long should you expect to work for free
  • 2:20 How long you should intern at a place for
  • 2:56 Industry application advice and how to get started
  • 3:55 Dos and Don’ts during your internship
  • 4:28 Would she recommend studying fashion business
  • 5:05 Is the industry about who you know – and what if you don’t know anyone
  • 5:27 Industry misconceptions and the reality of industry internships
  • 6:18 How do you move up to a paid position
  • 6:56 What the industry is like overall
  • 7:32 Where you start if you’re interested in the fashion industry

Keen on fashion? Hear from others in the industry. 

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