On The Phone With: A Commodity Advisor in Grain Marketing

Keen on agribusiness? Listen to our chat with Ed who works as a commodity advisor in grain marketing (in layman terms – he advises people who produce grain how, where and when they should sell their grain.)

What you’ll hear: 

  • 0:27 What his job is and who he works with
  • 0:56 What he studied
  • 2:16 How he got into it
  • 2:44 Are most people in Ag from a farm
  • 3:16 What the different job options are in Ag
  • 4:17 What Ag companies hire graduates
  • 4:55 Why he likes the industry
  • 5:35 Do you have to go to uni
  • 6:42 How to decide if the industry is for you + Jackarooing in the Northern Territory
  • 8:32 Should you do an internship
  • 9:03 What he does day to day

Keen to explore things in Agribusiness more? We went and spoke to a student who’s studying a Bachelor of Agribusiness. 

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