On The Phone With: A Carbon Farmer

Not your most typical or straight forward job, but that’s what we’re all about and it might get you thinking about other options in this seriously important industry – so have a listen to our chat with Zac who is fighting climate change one tonne of CO2 at a time.

What you’ll hear:

  • 0:35 What he does
  • 1:59 How he got into it and what he studied
  • 2:30 What you learn in environmental science
  • 2:40 What else can you do with a degree in Environmental Science
  • 2:59 Do you need to be good at science and should you do it at school
  • 3:05 How long do you spend in a lab
  • 3:12 What it is like working with the government and how do you start
  • 4.06 Is the industry going to keep growing
  • 4.17 What you can do if you want to fight climate change

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