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Living on Campus

Moving out of your parent’s house into university housing is a big deal. And is without a doubt the best decision you could make.

From the group grocery trips, the shared family dramas and the what-should-we-do-tomorrow mentality, living with your best friends – Is. The. Best.

 Why I chose to go

This probably sounds like poor decision-making… but I’ll tell the truth. A friend of mine who was two years above me went to Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Bathurst and while I was finishing school it seemed like my feed was always full of photos of her at events having fun. It seemed like she was having the kind of ‘college experience’ that you see in movies. I kind of thought, that’s an experience I won’t get in Sydney. So I went.

What I expected

I remember the day that my mum and dad dropped me at Bathurst. I had no real idea what to expect. I also knew no one so I was worried about who I’d speak to once my parents left me.

The first ‘meet and greet.’

It’s really hard to explain, but you all become instant friends. I know that sounds like a copout answer, but everyone there wants to meet new people and you’re all in the same boat. And I know this is going to sound like a brochure statement but it’s true – the culture at CSU is one of a kind. The people you meet there are going to be your best friends for life. It’s something about the kind of people that want to be there. You’re all grounded, fun, social – it’s a really good place to be.

Campus living

The chapter of your life that you spend at Bathurst isn’t just about getting a degree. I laugh when I hear people say, “oh Bathurst, it’s only 2 hours away. You can come back every weekend,” because you don’t even think about coming back to Sydney for weekends – you’re living with so many of your friends there.

I lived on campus for my first two years. Then I moved out with three friends. We moved into a cute little house in town. The first big decision we made together was to buy a couch. We all went to IKEA and bought a white one and spent that year of our lives eating, sleeping and sharing stories on it.

Then we all finished university.

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We graduated, we started full-time jobs, we started waking up every day at 7am and earning a full-time wage.

And who kept the couch?

We all did. We’ve been roommates for three years and counting.

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