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I studied Law at the University of Western Sydney, Parramatta Campus. The course is spread across two campuses, and so while by 5th year, there were still new faces in my courses, I kept my tight core group of friends I’ve been through law with.

Quick points on the good/bad of the uni? Well, they have extremely intelligent lecturers, some who have taught at all the high-end universities. The campus itself has developed so much in the last 10 years, that many of the facilities are brand new. The car-parking however has always been a bit of an issue, especially as the campus has grown so dramatically with the number of new students. There are also no sporting facilities really on campus, and I didn’t feel like there was much of a “student life” on campus, as there weren’t many societies to become involved in. I guess though this kind of dealer breaker depends on the type of uni experience you’re after.

The rumours that “there’s so much reading” with law isn’t a lie- there was and still is so much reading to do with law! Unfortunately a lot of the cases have lengthy judgements which require reading to understand the precedent, so you can’t really skip it. It is time consuming and can be difficult especially for first and second year students learning “law lingo” but you get used it. I’ll admit, I didn’t always do my readings, but when you do, it is important to highlight and even tab your books. It will make it so much easier to find legislation, precedents and general information when you have to do an assignment or have an open book exam. It is also impossible to read 100’s of pages during an open book exam. Just because it’s open book, doesn’t mean you don’t have to do your reading throughout the semester! I wish someone had told me about the amount of reading beforehand. The contact hours are minimal, but the workload expected is a lot!

Although I haven’t gone on to practice law, I am a strong believer that a Law Degree is a great education and that’s helped open doors for me. I completed my degree and the skills I gained from it will assist me in higher positions in the business world later in life. It was difficult in the last two years to maintain motivation, especially as I was then studying pure law (having finished my business degree), knowing I wasn’t going to pursue a career in law directly. However, selecting subjects I had an interest in really helped me in my career choices made it easier to study.

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