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How to launch a career in cooking: Q&A video

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So baking is your passion, but you want to know exactly how to turn that hobby into a profession. One of the best ways of becoming a pastry chef is to complete an apprenticeship with TAFE NSW study. We recommend this since you can study and get qualified even as you work and earn some money while you learn. Traditionally you have to go through 4 years of training and then transition from being an apprentice to a chef’s position.

What does the training look like?

This training itself includes working for 4 days each week at a restaurant, and you attend 1 full day of classes at TAFE NSW campus.

In order to qualify to start the apprenticeship, you may have to complete your Year 10 School Certificate.

There are no shortcuts to becoming a pastry chef. And, as an apprentice chef, and there are some very mundane tasks along the way. During your apprenticeship you’ll be assisting with planning menus, preparing and cooking food, garnishing and cleaning, as well as ordering food equipment and supplies. The aim of the apprenticeship is to help you get an understanding about how every aspect of a kitchen works.

Q&A with Adele

What’s your story? How did you get to study at TAFE NSW?

I loved cooking and wanted to be a chef. I didn’t want to continue with school and my parents were really supportive of my choice to drop out and start studying something I’d be passionate about right away.

Did you know how to cook before you started?

No, not at all. I didn’t have any pastry experience or background.

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Was it hard been younger than other people in your class?

No, not at all! Our class was really close and everyone was so supportive. The age difference didn’t matter at all, I am still great friends with everyone I studied with.

What about the teachers, what were they like?

I am close with them, too! They are great.

Would you recommend TAFE NSW?

Absolutely … explore TAFE. I’ve never looked back.

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